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The Journal of Diabetic Complications & Medicine is a scientific research journal that takes into account different types of articles for publication such as: Conclusions The most important conclusions of the study can be presented in a short section of conclusions that can be isolated or a subsection of the discussion or results and discussion. Use of word processing software It is important that the file is stored in the native format of the word processing program used. The text must be available in a single-column format. Keep the text layout as simple as possible. Most formatting codes are removed and replaced when editing the article. In particular, do not use the options of the word processing program to justify the text or separate the words. However, use grease printing, italics, bottom, tightening, etc. If you use a table grid when preparing tables, use only one grid for each table and not one grid for each row. If no grid is used, use tabs and no spaces to align columns. Electronic text should be written in a very similar way to traditional manuscripts (see also the publication guide with Elsevier). Note that source files containing images, tables, and text graphics are required whether or not you put your numbers in the text. See also the section on electronic artworks.

To avoid unnecessary errors, it is highly recommended that you use the « spell check » and « grammar check » functions of your word processing program. Offprints A PDF file of the article is made available free of charge to the corresponding author by e-mail (the PDF file is a watermarked version of the published article and contains a cover with the cover of the journal and a disclaimer with the terms of use). Paper prints can be ordered for an additional fee via the offprint order form which will be sent once the article is accepted for publication. Corresponding authors and co-authors may order offprints on Elsevier`s author services at any time. After uploading your work to Typeset, you will see a button to request a logging service for Journal of Diabetes and its complications. Article Transfer Service This journal is part of our article transfer service. This means that if the publisher feels that your article is more appropriate in one of our other participating magazines, you may be asked to transfer the article to one of those magazines. If you agree, your item will be automatically transferred on your behalf, without requiring reformatting.

Please note that your article will be reviewed by the new magazine. More information. The Journal of Diabetic Complications & Medicine (JDCM) is an open access publishing house that allows its users/readers free access to all published documents. However, the publisher does not receive institutional or organizational support to cover its publishing and archiving costs. The publishing house therefore relies exclusively on the costs of processing the articles of the authors indicated below. Editorials: Editorials are expert opinions on a particular field in which the specialist is able to predict and analyze future trends based on current developments. Editorials are usually written by experienced scientists, respected academics, and Nobel laureates, who are largely proficient in the field. The word limit for editors should not be more than 900-1200. Short communication The short communication is a description, views and observations of the author who refer to the facts, discoveries of other studies and who write a critical and brief analysis that would not exceed 500-1000 words. « I was very pleased with the quick and clear communication with Kathryn and her team at LetPub.