Uml Transfer Agreements

Transfer equivalents for American International College. Here is a list of all the courses in the Holyoke community and how they are transferred to American International College. In accordance with the ACT VALEUR assessed UMass Lowell credits that were acquired for military training, according to the same standards as courses accredited colleges and universities. All military transcripts, including SMART, ACE and AARTS, will be verified for the portability of credits to a student`s intended major. Information on the transfer of credits acquired at other universities can be found in our transfer dictionary. Please check the transfer visit plan for other appointments that Elms College may be on campus. These agreements can be amended without notice. There are articulation agreements between two university or university departments and specific programmes. The agreement defines the courses a student should take at Holyoke Community College and the portability of those courses to the four years of college. An articulation agreement deals with portability from one degree to another. MassTransfer candidates can now apply online via the MassTransfer website; MassTransfer applicants must also meet the admission deadlines set by Worcester State University, including possible extensions of time. Northern Essex has more than 100 transfer contracts with public and private colleges and universities in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, the region and across the country. Transfer contracts result in a smooth transfer from Northern Essex to a bachelor`s degree.

Learn more about NECC transfer agreements. Cornell University is a private university and funding institution in the state of New York and is one of the most diverse educational members of the Ivy League. HCC has joint agreements with Cornell`s College of Agriculture – Life Sciences and College of Human Ecology, and its College of Industrial Labor Relations has hosted a number of HCC students. Follow these links to learn more! Joint Admission is a program that guarantees the acceptance of graduate students from Holyoke Community College with a minimum average of grades. Some schools even offer a transfer grant based on the average student. While admission is guaranteed, acceptance of all credits acquired at HCC is determined by the program in which the student is transferred. Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education (ECE/EE) Transfer Compact These national compacts are intended for students who move from community universities to public university campuses and offer bachelor`s degree programs. The memorandum for all State Bay University agreements and orientation centers starts at NECC and you save more than $13,000 if you move to a public university like UMass Lowell or Salem State University – and even more so when you go to a private university.