Test Option Agreement

Similarly, the test option indicates the amount the actor must receive when the show is recovered and the option (s) is exercised. As a general rule, the actor`s fees are gradually increased for each subsequent renewal of the season. Unsurprisingly, representatives of actors represented by a team of entertainment agents, managers and lawyers generally fare better in this arena. Producers use this approach to block exclusive talent services for the pilot and (typically) the first seasons of the series as soon as possible. By negotiating the actor fee before the actor show is even auditioning (« tests ») for the role, the producer avoids « stopping » for a higher compensation as soon as it is clear that the actor is wanted for the show. As mentioned above, the typical test option agreement can cover the actor`s performance up to 7 years. However, if a series succeeds, and with the help of an entertainment lawyer, it is sometimes possible that talent renegotiates important provisions. Finally, it is unlikely that unhappy actors will play their best performances. Producers may also be willing to renegotiate to ensure talent for other seasons. As a general rule, the test option agreement provides only services for an actor. This means that the actor cannot perform in other productions during the term of the contract. A comprehensive exclusivity regime can prevent an actor from exploiting his or her full career potential. However, an experienced lawyer will be able to negotiate non-exclusivity, which will allow the actor to use other possibilities, such as Z.B.

Advertisements, guest shows and film roles. If you need a lawyer, click here to see all the client reports from the Los Angeles law firm Boyd. In addition to the actor`s deadlines and exclusive performances, the test option contract must provide for the artist`s payment. The series option is usually structured as a set of options to employ the actor for consecutive seasons. (often up to 6 or 7) Each season after the premiere, the producer must exercise his option until mid-June (after the networks announce their series extensions for the next TV season. First, the agreement must indicate the period after the test during which the manufacturer must commit by exercising the Pilot option to the actor. The test options are exclusive, so the actor cannot audition for other shows until the end of the option. Thus, although the producer wishes to have it for a longer period of time, the talents should reasonably expect that this obligation will be made within a few days of the hearing. Because there are so many actors testing for each role, test option agreements must be negotiated and signed in the studios in a matter of days.