Spousal Sponsorship Retainer Agreement

These various requests from temporary Serbs are per person. Many people want to keep their costs low. While we like to provide packages for immigration applications, many people want to apply them themselves. Now they can be confident. With our Canadian flat rate fees for documentary assessments, you can have the best of both worlds. You design and prepare, we check and tell you how to improve your application, and then submit it. Avoid Immigration Delays and Canadian Refusals. Save time and money today. Please note: At the Kahane law firm, we appreciate the hard work and sacrifice that members of the Canadian Armed Forces make for us. As such, we are happy to extend, and you can find out more here, a military discount. Below are a flat fee for applying for Canadian citizenship on a person`s basis: If you need help with your Canadian immigration issue, nothing can be more frightening than the hours.

At Kahane Law Firm, we are committed to providing immigration packages to Canada. If you know what an application, verification or general support costs in advance, you can continue with confidence. If your file is not covered by our Canadian immigration package fees, then ask yourself. We may eventually add it to our list of flat-rate immigration rates to Canada. Call 1-877-225-8817 today. Finally, there are some things that are not included in our flat fee. This includes additional applications. For example, if upon request for something then a criminal rehabilitation requires that the additional service is billed on its own. In addition, additional work is required because a client does not disclose or provide information as requested or if a client is not honest about the information to the company or the Canadian government that influences the application.

Below is a list of our Canadian package tuition fees. These are intended for applications as specified. As always, if you have any questions, please call us or email us at the contact information below. Also, if you don`t see what you need below in our list of Canadian immigration expenses, also call or email. We can always help you and we can usually give you the fee in advance. People are asking how our Canadian law firm can set a flat fee with confidence. We know the law. Because we know how long applications will last, what is struggling with applications, what is needed and how we can be most effective, we can define Canadian immigration packages that are adequate and fair.

Most importantly, if your problem exceeds our Canadian immigration package fees, we will notify you before additional costs are charged. Immigration Document Reviews: Saving time and money: Flat fees ..