Parent Student Agreement Form

Before students go to school every morning, we ask that each student be examined at home by their parents or legal guardians for symptoms of covid infection.19 Please take note of the CDC guideline on coronavirus symptoms in COVID 19 symptoms: the nurse will inform the principal or his manager of each student who has been tested symptomatic or positive and will document his symptomatic profile and disease data on a card shared each week with the president. Please log in your electronic signature by August 28, 2020. Questions, please contact Aimee McKirryher under If students with symptoms of COVID 19 are discharged from school to home, a note is requested by the doctor and the nurse is submitted before they return to school. The parent or guardian will also agree to inform the nurse of their child and share his or her symptoms. If a student has not received symptoms, including an increase in temperature and no antipyretic medication (anti-fever) (acetaminophen or ibuprofen) has been received before arriving at school, he or she can go to school with his masks. It is the acceptance of this agreement that any student sent to school by bus or work stoppage has not had any symptoms in the last 24 hours. Before a student can begin the 2020-2021 school year at Holy Cross High School, all parents/facilitators are invited to read, accept and sign this parental contract form for daily symptoms at home.