Knime License Agreement

Gnu General Public License is a free copyleft license for software and other works. The license can be either a .cxl file or a license key to use with a license server. If you have already installed ChemAxon licenses (for use outside of KNIME), there is no need to reinstall them. An « entity transaction » is a transaction that transfers control of an organization or, essentially, all the resources of an organization or subdivision of a merging organization or organization. Where the assignment of a covered work is the result of a transaction by a company, each party to that transaction, which receives a copy of the work, also obtains licenses for work that the Party`s predecessor had or could give in the interest, as well as a right of ownership of the corresponding source of its predecessor`s work in the interest of the predecessor, if the predecessor has or can obtain it with appropriate effort. If you pass on a covered work and you knowingly rely on a patent license, and the corresponding source of the work is not available to copy, free of charge and under the terms of this license, by a network server accessible to the public or other easily accessible means, then either you (1) make the corresponding source thus available, or (2) to evade the benefit of the patent license for this particular work, or (3) in a way that corresponds to the requirements of that license to extend it. « Knowledge Trust » means that you do know that, for the patent license, your transfer of covered work to a country or the use of the work covered by your recipient in a country would violate one or more identifiable patents in that country, which you have reason to believe are valid. The termination of your rights under this section does not terminate the licenses of parties who have received copies or rights from you under this license. If your rights have been terminated and have not been permanently reinstated, you cannot obtain new licenses for the same material under Section 10.

ChemAxon licenses must be installed in the same way as for other ChemAxon applications. 4. Restrictions 4.1 The licensee is not obliged to transfer, lease, sub-grant, copy, modify, modify, re-inject works derived from, reverse engineering, re-inject (except as permitted by law). To avoid doubts, the KNIME Report Designer reports are not considered a work derived from any of the components of KNIME. 4.2 KNIME reserves all rights that are not expressly granted to the licensee and reserves all rights, rights and shares of the KNIME Report Designer. If you need other licensing conditions (z.B for a common installation or business configuration), please contact us at You can download and use KNIME (run it) without any restrictions (but note that there is NOT a guarantee for the program and that KNIME AG is not Liable). You can copy and distribute knime without any restrictions. If you want to change the C.S.A., you need to read the details of the license. If you want to develop new nodes for KNIME and do so in the usual way (by expanding the NodeModel, NodeDialog and/or NodeView classes), you can share these nodes under any license you can choose. (Additional approvals under Article 7 of the GPL show that these nodes are not work derived from KNIME and are not infected with LPG). You can find the detailed open source license here! We hope that if there is a disagreement, we can always find a solution, but if not, we fight on the basis of Swiss law and the court is Zurich, Switzerland (No.