Uw Dta Agreement

The Washington State Baccalaureates and Universities, listed below, subscribe to the Intercollege Relations Commissions (IKRC) guidelines for Direct Transfer Agreements (ATDs). Seattle Colleges offers both DTA degrees associated with the arts and associated with science, in accordance with ICRC guidelines. Associate Degrees DTAs are recognized as the most, if not all, general educational requirements for these institutions. Students who attend a DTA usually receive a junior booth upon admission. Students should have inquired with the transfer institution they plan to provide on additional information on general training, essential requirements and admission requirements. This list may change. Contact your advisor for up-to-date information and details about the transmission. Washington`s public colleges and bachelor`s and universities have adopted an inter-institutional transfer agreement. The agreement applies to the applicability of transfer credits granted by community universities to bachelor`s institutions; the DBA is not an accreditation agreement. The DTA Associate Degree guidelines, developed by the Intercollege Relations Commission (IKRC), outline an acceptable transfer program that serves as the basis for the Associate Degrees DTA offered to each community college. As a general rule, transfer students who have received qualified at the DTA are entitled to move to a bachelor`s institution with a junior position and have completed the requirements of the lower department of general education.

The acquisition of an associate DTA grade does not guarantee admission to UW Bothell. Students who are transferred under this agreement must continue to meet our minimum admission requirements. Seattle universities have partnerships and transfer contracts with the four-year-old institutions listed below and are constantly developing new ones. You will find the most accurate list of all transfer agreements in the counselling and transfer centres. The direct transfer contract is a national transfer credit policy. The objective of this voluntary agreement at the national level is to facilitate the transfer of credits; it is not a licensing agreement. A qualified DTA-Associate degree is generally defined as the diploma obtained by a Community College to students who have completed a transfer program intended to meet most of the general educational requirements for obtaining a bachelor`s degree in Washington State.