Slack Data Processing Agreement

We process debit and credit card payments with Stripe Payments Europe Limited. a global payment service provider. The main registration is through its European subsidiary, based in Ireland, but some of the data is transmitted to Stripe Inc., the parent company in the United States. To be legitimate, they use the standard contractual clauses of the European Commission (« standard clauses ») to allow the legal transfer of this data in accordance with the European Data Directive. Similarly, the RGPD grants EU citizens the « right to be forgotten, » forcing organisations to delete personal data at their request. If you do not have any commercial or « legitimate » interests in the retention of personal data, you must delete it and never contact the person again. Slack`s commitment to RGPD describes everything from its Privacy Shield Framework to its Addendum Data Processing, both of which are important elements of RGPD compliance. The certification of data protection shields allows Slack to legally transfer data from EU citizens to and from the US. On the other hand, the computer addendum (DPA) is a little more complex. The data protection authority is essentially a contract between Slack data managers and data processors, which describes the proper processing of personal data within the platform. This ensures that the purposes of processing personal data are always authentic under RGPD law. There are no data processing systems on site, in buildings or in premises operated by the processor. The subprocessings used prevent unauthorized persons from physically accessing premises, buildings or premises with personal data processing systems.

Details can be found in the DPAs of the subprocessors provided. We evaluate all subcontractors to ensure that we continue to meet our obligations to users, customers and IT systems such as the RGPD. If you would like to learn more about Slack`s security policies and procedures, please visit our security page. It contains detailed information on how we deal with security and contains a white paper on how Slack ensures, among other things, user data security, including our technical and organizational measures (TOMs) and encryption standards. If you`re wondering what you need to know about Slack RGPD, you`re in the right place. In this article, we start with what the RGPD is, what it means for your business and everything there is to know about respecting the RGPD Slack. Even if you don`t think the RGPD applies to your organization, if you`ve taken over Slack, you should pay attention. Data protection legislation is constantly evolving and the RGPD will become more relevant to technologies such as Slack, which retain personal data. We use Slack primarily for internal electronic communications.

It is quite possible that these discussions may sometimes involve clients and certain situations in which they need help, and data is shared in this regard. Processing subject: Use « Sidequest » processor software to manage helpdesk tasks and operations. Cloudflare offers content distribution, security and DNS services for web data traffic, which is transferred to and from Timetastic. It allows us to effectively manage web traffic and help protect the application from malicious activity. The main information Cloudflare has access to is the information contained in the URL of the Timetastic site with which the user interacts (including the end-user`s IP address). All information (including service data) contained in web traffic transferred to and from Timetastic is transmitted via cloudflare systems, but Cloudflare does not have access to this information.