Rera Completion Date Vs Agreement Possession Date

As u must have already paid more than 10%, it is always mandatory to be executed. This is why reimbursement can also be requested in the absence of a sales contract. 1. The date of award mentioned in the letter of award or the sale agreement is mandatory and infaitful. As a general rule, RERA takes into account the date indicated in agreement between the owner and the buyer. However, if the contractor obtains an extension by appointment, the Authority may meet the extension period. My case is similar. In my registered contract, August 31, 2019 is the completion date with an additional 6 months. This means that the completion date is February 29, 2020. According to MahaRERA, the proposed completion date is February 29, 2020. The proposed completion date is also 30 April 2021, in accordance with MahaRERA`s website. Will someone indicate the completion date of the penalty calculation due to the delay in the completion of the project? RERA is Real Estate Regulation Act-2016 law was passed with the aim of regulating the real estate sector in India.

The real estate sector contributes 9% of GDP and is the second highest employment generator after agriculture. It was necessary to regulate the area because of the existence of a large number of owners who had fallen behind in their obligation to assign ownership of real estate to assignments. Real estate fraud in India is obvious and the need to regulate the owners was important and then there are unilateral agreements and fraud made by the owners If the owner has not received the certificate of completion of the relevant authority, the Allottee can apply for an RTI application to the SPIO of the local municipality to request copies of all documents for the approval of the relevant authorities and can submit the necessary NOCs to the local municipality`s SPIO. and can obtain the certificate of completion itself. If the owner has received the certificate of completion and is ready to give it to the Allottee, he can file a consumer claim or file a civil action against the owner. 2) Inform the contractor that you are ready to be present at the registration of the sales file, provided that the completion date remains unchanged The Consumer Protection Act provides for a three-tiered machine to assess consumer claims. The district forum is located at the lowest level. District forums are established in each district and are responsible for claims for which the value of goods or services and, if applicable, compensation does not exceed Rs.20, 00, 00 (Twenty Lakhs).