Kennards Dry Hire Agreement

(b) mulitple equipment rented by a customer on a website is charged only for a call fee; 5.5 Rental fees start from the rental period and last until the date you tell us that the device is available for pickup (the « Off Hire Date »). At this point, we give you a confirmation number that your application has been received (« off-course number »). The device must be available for pickup no later than the time your rental has started (z.B. if your rental started at 10am, the device must be ready to be picked up by 10am on the Off date), otherwise we reserve the right to charge an additional rental fee. To avoid any doubt, the expected Off Hire Date is not considered your message that the device is available for pickup. Kennards will adhere to Australian privacy principles in all stores with customers. A copy of Kennards` privacy statement is available upon request or by visit The terms of the lease apply to the exclusion of all other conditions proposed by the client, unless kennards and the Client agree otherwise. Kennards undertakes to lease equipment to the customer under the terms set out in this document. If the client wishes to rent equipment, the client must complete and sign a rental plan and other documents that kennards need (or somehow to accept in the manner requested by Kennards). Each rental plan is not a separate contract, but is part of this lease agreement between Kennards and the client, as well as all credit claims, guarantees and allowances or any other contractual document.

The client agrees to receive rental plans and all associated documents electronically. Kennards may, at its sole discretion, refuse to rent equipment to the customer at any time if warranted. 4.1 This contract is personal and not eligible for the customer, but does not prevent the employee customer from using the device in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. 12.2 Except in the circumstances described in paragraph 12.3 below, it is your responsibility to return the device to the Coates Hire subsidiary to which you rented it during normal business hours. Or party vendors, who can rent large party tents, usually take care of the packaging and packaging after they have been used. Kennards may ask the customer to pay the device waiver fee plus for the rental of medium and large devices, but the customer may decide to opt out of this payment. 7.3 The client accepts that this contract does not apply to sections 114 (1)a), 133 or 134 PPSA and waives his rights under paragraphs 121, 125, 129, 131 and 132 of the PPSA. Change: These lease conditions can be changed by Kennards from time to time by indicating the customer`s change by Kennards. The notification is considered to be given when Kennards performs one of the following steps: (a) send the customer a notice of change to each address indicated by the customer (including an email address); b) publishes the amended conditions in their or c) indicates the amended conditions in the premises from which Kennard conducts leasing transactions. 6.2 Cancellation of the damage applies to all rentals, subject to the following conditions, at no additional cost.